April 30, 2014

My English dictionary reads: “High personal standards of what is right and what is wrong used as a guide to behaviour”.

“A guide to behaviour”? How many among the world’s people follow this norm? If we analyse those people who live around us, we may find ourselves lost in thoughts because they may not follow principles in most cases. Is this a consequence of modern life? Or have we forgotten the teachings we inherited from our ancestors?

If we turn our eyes to politicians, then something worse is happening. Corruption has invaded our political ambit, and there seems to be a political trait that those involved commit very important crimes with briberies galore. Briberies that reach astronomical figures.

I remember my young years that there was a saying among the population – saying that I believe is still there – that one did not need more than one month to become rich in politics. That keeps being so nowadays sixty years afterwards.

Politicians in my country hold legislative immunity. They can only be judged by the High Court, something that does not happen anywhere else in the world. I can see that in many civilised countries – those in the so-called West – a politician is bound to step down for any break of an ethical principle. I have seen politicians resign for just lying, something that even happened to a President of the USA.

The ruling party here made pledges in its electoral campaign which it did not comply with once elected. And these were not  minor promises as they affected the general welfare of the population and condemned people in general to the lowest poverty indexes we ever had in this country, the number of people on the dole queue reaching six million. If we multiply this number by the average components of each family, the figure we get becomes really spectacular.

But the rich – you know, those whose role in corruption is the most important – are now richer and more powerful.

When are the people in Spain going to awake? I do not dare to say…






April 29, 2014

I have often invited guests to my home. Never have I controlled how they were dressed or how they behaved when they visited. My ways have always been those of a tolerant person, and I consider that if I invite someone home it is because I know them.

I have been asked to visit a new blog by the blogger who owned it and I wanted to oblige by sending a short post wishing him success in his adventure. My intentions were to be an asiduous visitor and take part in discussions that arose that interested me, but to my amazement I saw that my post had been subjected to moderation. And it was held so for four or five days, which I could not understand after having been invited to participate. I aborted my intentions and so let the said blogger know in correct words. He did not like it.

Urbanity does not seem to be what it was


April 26, 2014

I watch the telly and see how the Vatican tries to canonise two men: John XXIII and John Paul II, and I cannot but wonder: If both of them did their duty while they were popes, is it because none of the others had exceeded their obligations? If Catholicism bases its doctrines on sainthood and Christ’s sacrifice, how is it possible that the only saints to be canonised had been popes? One of them, by the way, guilty of trying to hide what priests far from the civilised world did to help those who Christ said were the first ones to enter the Kingdom of Heavens?

Anthony – Anticant – goes

December 16, 2009

Anticant’s Arena will be stopping its activity because its Lord, Anthony, has so decided. And he has done so without paying attention to our preferences.

Anticant blog must not disappear from the blogging field, absolutely. His reflections on the everyday’s events on our planet, his knowledge of Britain’s most peculiar history is something that we must not lose, if we do then our connection with the immediate past of the United Kingdom will also be lost in the blogosphere – as this space has come to be known.

Anthony, too, is part – a very important one – of the British and, let me also say, of the world history.

I would suggest everybody that happens to read this post to write to Anthony – who really deserves being dubbed a Peer of the Kingdom, to reflect and reconsider his decision.

And from Anthony I ask his pardon for my selfishness by so doing. If he still keeps to his decision, then perhaps he might also decide to write a history book with the knowledge he treasures about the life in his life’s Britain.

Anthony’s site is here

Middle Ages

December 12, 2009

We still live in the Middle Ages. We still live in a feudal state. We still live like slaves. Differences are that we have been taught to think that we don’t. And we are being kept under this impression wherever we look at in search of the meaning of our life. Politics and religion thrive to keep united, that’s a difference because in olden times they hadn’t to thrive to they just kept united.

Aren’t we subjected to slavery? Yes we are, because anything we do is just to earn money to transfer it to the system. The more we earn the more we spend. Democracy sees to it that we do. It doesn’t matter if we insult openly  our leaders, they are cheeky enough to go through it without any problems. The cheekier our politicians the safer they are to be politicians.

Tell me what’s the difference between now and six centuries ago. Those times we were obliged to go to wars to defend the interests of our lords, with the complacency of religion, which then – as now – had something to get out of it. Today there are still people among us who believe in patriotism, much that our “lords” get most of their income by being unpatriotic by moving their enterprises abroad. Globalisation it is called.

The Environment is there to keep us busy. The Media always at work. Did you know that the interment of CO2 was being made in a very few countries to prevent damages to the ozone layer? I, for one, didn’t know, but I now know. And I know now because those who can shake us about at their whim want so. Because it is much better for them  to keep the present energy system as it is and try to divert our attention to a new method of disposing of the CO2 which they say is much better because they save lots of money and time. And they keep charging us the astronomical sums reflected in their invoices and bills, when we know that using alternative energy the cost would be lower. And don’t be deluded, burying the CO2 will mean that our invoices and bills will be increased to cover the costs of those burials.

And what do we do about it? Nothing just keep being slaves, vassals and payers of anything they think we must pay.

At least let me vent my frustration. Thank you.

When I think of the crisis we are going through these days, the past times when Britain was involved in World Wars I and II and the debts she incurred in come also to my memory. One of the outcomes of these wars was the foundation of the State of Israel, which was demanded of Britain by Baron Rothschild as a proof of gratefulness for the loans his House made to the British Government.

Not only Britain but almost all the countries of the world are now incurring in debts in a desperate effort to climb out of the pit of the crisis, which – every aspect of it so attests to -, the private banking system has submerged us into, and I am thinking which compensation will that very same banking system demand of our countries. I see around me symptoms that this may become a reality. One of the them is the efforts the Spanish PM is making for when he becomes President of the EU to set up once and for ever the State of Palestine.

It intrigues me that this is so and I wonder what more concessions will be made to the State of Israel that will stop the situation of permanent conflict in the Zone. How the Palestinians will be subdued to the more powerful neighbour state in exchange for the cease of persecutions and other excruciating pains the Israelis are inflicting on the Palestinians. Israel has not been able to do away with the resident Palestinians, much that it has done to the effect, so it seems the only solution that will be sought is to create what I may call a satellite state vassal to the Great Israel.

I am afraid the Great Israel is already on its way to be constituted, this time without any more inconveniences to the Israelis.

Experience teaches.

I’ve been trying to access your blog for two days now but something prevents me from doing so. Despite giving my name and password the blog keeps saying it is protected and I must give them again and again.

The Spirit

February 14, 2009

An English dictionary: The intelligent or immaterial part of “man” as distinguished from the body//the animating or vital principle in living things.

So far so good. There are other definitions of what a spirit is, but I am very much afraid that they have been taken out of religious texts. Soul is the differentiating trait in human attitudes, as differentiating are the traits in the physiognomy of them, because the rest of the body may present traits which are not standard but this is just not the normal natural aspect of persons.

What does the spirit of a person represent? And how the spirit is achieved? Yes, achieved. Is it a trait God gives to each of us?

I am not intending to mix religions in this post, it would be very daring of me and it would most probably molest many of the potential readers.

Apart from the macho definition of that dictionary I have had for many years now, I am inclined to believe  spirit is the part of the human being – woman or man – that concerns their attitude towards life and their fellow persons, or animals or plants within their surroundings, or even themselves.

What one thinks of other is a conception that is derived from one’s spirit. What one feels for another is a sentiment that is derived from the spirit. When one is angry, the spirit is working negatively, when one loves then the work is positive.

Is this the product of education? Yes, in a way. But no, in another way. Education in most times is responsible fo what one thinks  is good or is bad. But who or what has decided what is good or bad? In my opinion, nobody or nothing. Yes, good or bad may not have come out of religious doctrines, it is a spiritual sentiment that compels us to feel in a particular way towards our fellow humans, or things or animals or plants.

Religions have those two aspects of our nature in all their teachings, but this has not been because their doctors have come to that conclusion out of their intelligence. Their intelligence is shared by us, normal persons of the street. Trying to impersonate God has also always been one of these doctors’ traits who have believed themselves to be owners of truth, but truth is independent, free and cannot be anybody’s weapon.

God is intangible, God cannot be touched, or understood, anyone that dares to say the contrary is outright wrong.

Who is wrong or who is right?  Are men wrong or right? Are women wrong or right? Is sex right or wrong? Which type of sex is right or wrong? Who are we humans to dictate what our spirits decide regarding anything?

These are questions that occur to me very often. The definitive answer has not yet come to my mind – or is it spirit?

Greeks have rang the bell. People start getting unrest from what they suffer and from what they hear. Is it possible that a revolution arises from all this?

As we all know revolutions have been the consequence of situations similar to that we are experiencing these days, but I wonder whether the revolution that might come out of this one would be in the benefit of people. This time it may not be so. This time it might lead the world to a tighter control of everything. This time it might be a revolution of the top brass.

We can see how the police forces of each and every country are organised to fight any “insurgencies”, how the armies have on many occasions reacted when it has been shouted that the integrity of a country is under threat by outer or inner forces. Those forces have at all times reacted following the orders of the constituted power, but this constituted power is really very far from the so much alleged Democracy we should be enjoying.

We have been under the spell of a so-called terrorism, people fear everything from their own security to global threats both human and environmental. Fear is the word nowadays that is helping the leaders of the world’s countries to rule.

The world has not changed it continues to be the same world it was in the Middle Ages, the power of the strong and few prevailing over the weaker and many. The human condition at its best. And this time the West does not need any religions to cooperate.

I am very much afraid all this will turn out  to be a new step towards a harsher control of us all, via money, mortgages, eventually poverty.

May I be wrong!


January 24, 2009

I see the media care about the likely systems of energy proposed to replace oil and suppress contamination, and apparently everything points out to nuclear energy, deceitfully advising it to be the least contaminating.

Nuclear energy is dangerous on one side because it is subject to human control and on the other because their waste is very difficult, if not impossible,  to dispose of without contaminating. And I wonder why solar, wind and sea energies are not more researched, being as they are natural, cheap sources of energy. In my opinion there is a fundamental cause for the preference: its set-up costs place it very far from a relatively average pocket. Corporations – again this word! – must be formed to organise power plants. We, the people in general, the only part that can have in it is our investment in those corporations and which in fact helps to exploit us, ironically.

In effect, the costs of building wind mills to produce energy would little by little decrease as  demand grows, placing them at the reach of households. The same would happen with solar and marine energies.

In real fact, what makes governments  opt for nuclear energy,  in my opinion,  is that obtaining the source of energy – uranium – is not at the reach of any household, therefore practically impossible that the power (not a pun) given by the privately controllable sources: oil and uranium,  would always be held by the powers-that-be (not a pun,  either).

Energy is the real source of power for those who command. We need it and are ready to pay for it: in homes, motor-cars, aeroplanes, industry, sea craft, war machines, everything relies on energy, and…we pay for it the price which curiously enough is not inside the frame of the “free market”. At least that gives a subtle appearance of public control, but we all know that eventually it is not so.

The control keeps being held by those who control the governments.

It is so easy if we unite, but no,  every effort is done to keep us the furthest from one another.

On this the strength of power is based. (Again not a pun).